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“It is quite a challenge to organize a conference from half‐around‐the‐world away, but you made it so easy for me and the others on the team”

“ It was a pleasure for me and the rest of the LOC to have worked with you.”

“ We are so grateful for all the dedication you have shown and the hard work you put into making this a successful conference.”

“ Thank you for allowing me the freedom to come see you in your offices whenever I needed something”

“I have had so many compliments on the organisation of the conference, so congratulations on hosting a successful conference.”

“ You guys were amazing”

“It was for me unforgettable and indescribably professional experience, that was potentiated by the beauty of your beautiful city and venue of the Workshop”

“ you were gracious, attentive to detail, and brilliant in execution of all aspects of the meeting. As in any meeting of this size, I had to face with a number of last minute unexpected problems but these were accommodated and managed expertly by ConsultUs”

“Thank you so very much for organizing the PERFECT conference! From start to finish, this was the most smooth and well‐organized conference I have ever attended – and trust me, I attended a few…”

“Thank you a million trillion times for all your hard work and input which made this conference such a success.”

“The ConsultUs team has been extremely co-operative and outstanding”

“On behalf of the Society of Radiographers of South Africa (SORSA), I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your involvement and for your excellent service with respect to the recent SORSA 1st Virtual Symposium. Your professionalism is truly valued and appreciated”

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